Does the Ab Rocket Twister Work?

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I keep coming across the same question in all of the popular exercise forums – does the ab rocket work? My guess is that you’ve probably asked the same question at some point or another. And before you try Ab Rocket Twister I’m sure you’d like to know. That’s why I decided to devote an entire post to answering that question. Does the Ab Rocket work? We’re about to find out!


Does the Ab Rocket Work Part 1: What do you want it to do?

This woman is helping answer the questions, does the ab rocket work?Determining how well the Ab Rocket exercise machine works depends a lot on what you are actually seeking to gain from the ab machine. Let me start off by saying there are no ab machines, or exercise machines for that matter, which can specifically target the fat around your stomach. Your body just doesn’t work that way. So if you think the Ab Rocket Twister will magically burn away all your fat and leave you with a six-pack, then you will be disappointed. There are no magical ab exercise machines that can do that. On the other hand if you are looking for an exercise machine that can help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, then the Ab Rocket Twister is definitely worth a look. Combined with a well-balanced diet and exercise program, the Ab Rocket Twister can definitely help you achieve a flatter stomach or even a six-pack. To find out what kind of results real customers had with the Ab Rocket Twister check out my review here – Ab Rocket Review.


Does the Ab Rocket Work Part 2: How to use the Ab Rocket Twister

The Ab Rocket Twister is designed to relieve the stress that normal sit-ups or crunches often put on your neck and back. It supposedly allows you to take advantage of the results from normal sit-ups and crunches without any of the drawbacks. The combination of the Ab Rocket resistance springs and the chair’s back and neck support help achieve this. They provide light resistance as you are going back and light support as you are sitting up. The Ab Rocket chair therefore allows you to work your abdominal muscles throughout the upward and downward motions. With normal sit-ups there is no resistance with the downward motion. You just fall back down.

The Ab Rocket Twister has added the new function of ab twisting that was not available in the original Ab Rocket. While you are seated in the Ab Rocket chair you use your obliques to twist your body back and forth. The twisting motion is meant to enhance your ab workouts and allow you to focus more attention on your obliques.


Does the Ab Rocket Twister work??

The answer is definitely :

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